Storm King's Thunder

Giant temples have really tall stairs

In which only some dogs fly

In keeping with Harshnag’s urgency, we purchased mounts and set forth swiftly for the “Eye of the Allfather”. It was a cold and unpleasant journey, though it gave me time to bond with my Faithful Steed. Aside from that it was quite boring, almost as if few creatures are willing to attack a group travelling with a well-armored frost giant.

At the temple itself, we ran into a problem that I fear will become commonplace as we continue to deal with Giant-based problems. I speak, of course, of stairs. It’s bad enough when in twiceling towns, with their ridiculous leg lengths, but Giant architecture is on a whole different scale. The building had various deliberate traps — rolling boulders, animated statues, and so forth — but it was the sheer scale of the stairway of the stairway that I personally found most inconvenient.

Luckily, my Faithful Steed was already flying to escape the boulder trap which squished Seira’s mount like a grape in a wine press, so I was able to bypass the obstacle. Even so, if restoring the Ordening is going to alter the fundamental organization of Giant society, perhaps we can arrange somehow for the new version to mandate ramps in all new Giant construction?

After boulder traps, some angry Uthgardt barbarians1, nearly getting killed by a fiery centipede of some sort, and dealing with the poor design of the stairway, we made our way to the heart2 of the temple: The Oracle.

Conveniently, a friendly cloud giant ghost and filicide victim was there and explained the mechanics of Oracle usage when we promised to try to avenge him. The Oracle told us that we needed to seek out one of the Giant Lords, but refused to tell us their locations until we rob some Uthgardt graves. Oh well, those guys are assholes anyway.

1 Redundant, I know. I suppose there may exist Uthgardt barbarians who are under the influence of Calm Emotion or some such.

2 Or should that be “eye”, given the name of the place?


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