Storm King's Thunder

Harshnag the Flat

We continued raiding Uthgardt tombs. What fun! We found all sorts of odd giant things mostly unguarded, well except for a few ghosts and some Uthgardts we made short work of. We also went back to The Great Worm Cavern and Shay talked to her imaginary friend, well her new imaginary friend and we got imaginary boons? So I guess not imaginary? Who knew!?

So – back to the Eye of the All Father and lo and behold Harshnag that Grim guy was waiting for us. We placed all the artifacts (that we didn’t want to keep) on the oracle’s platform and we were left to make a choice. We eventually chose the cloud giant, Sansuri and all seemed to be well.

Then we came out of the sanctuary and there was a gods darned Ancient Blue Dragon waiting for us. I tried to take it and fight with Harshnag but the fool knocked the temple down on top of him and the dragon. We all barely escaped.

Milo sent his elemental in after Harshnag but his remains were far too destroyed for our priest to return to life. So we instead decided that it would honor Harshnag for one of us to wear his armor into battle against those he fought.

The captain of our airship gave us one interesting bit of information, he never saw a dragon going into the temple – he saw a female storm giant and gave us a detailed description. We went to Waterdeep to find a map to Parnast and talk to that dragon expert with all the cats and one really big “cat”. We got a map to Parnast and talked to the dragon lady.

She found information that there is an ancient blue that is called the “Doom of the Desert” and the “Dragon of Statues”. She lives in a cold desert far to the east, name of “Iymrith”.

So on to Parnast, or to this cloud giant’s castle that is stuck in my head? Or look for this desert? We’ll see – but either way – it’ll be fun!


KenB txdadu

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