Storm King's Thunder

Is Shay really crazy?

Party Consequences

The night after visiting the oracle of the all-father:

Something’s bothering you, my pet. We can’t have that. Come tell me what’s wrong.

The musically feminine voice echoes through Shayleigh’s mind just as sleep overtakes her. The next thing she knows, she is standing in the glade where she swore her Oath of the Ancients before the Summer Court. But it is not Oberon who has called her this time.

“Titania! My lady!” Shay quickly drops to one knee, her right hand forming a fist over her heart as she bows her head. “Have you summoned me to the Feywild?”

Tinkling laughter spills forth from the Summer Queen as she gestures for Shay to rise. Don’t be foolish, childe, this is but a dream. Your distress, though, has caught my attention and I would prefer it to cease. Ergo, we shall speak and address the cause of your unhappiness.

“Oh.. I’m sorry. Well, you see… “ Shay frowns for a moment. “I think, maybe, it’s because I’m tired of people not believing that I talk to you. Or, to other things.” The glade darkens and the air crackles as Titania’s displeasure is made manifest. Suddenly realizing that an angry Summer Queen was a VERY BAD thing, Shay quickly continued.

“I mean, they believe in you. They just don’t believe that I actually can actually communicate with you at all. And, well…. We are on this huge quest to fix the giants ordening so they stop fighting. Somehow, finding giant relics at these tribes of barbarians is supposed to help that. So, we just were at this one tribes home, and a coatyl talked to me. For some reason, I was the only one who could hear him.. it.. her.. and she was stuck in an altar.. and they all just looked at me like I was crazy. I’m not crazy, am I?”

The static abruptly discharges and light returns as Titania starts laughing again. Is that all, pet? You’re worried that someone thinks you are crazy? Sweet, sweet Shay, you are touched. It’s what made you into a creature upon whom I was willing to grant my boon, for such a small price. Tell me more of what happened.

Shay starts pacing as she explains, “Oh well… we went to a bunch more of these tribes to try and find more relics. Giving the relics to the oracle lets us find the path to one of them, and then we can get this magic conch.. which lets us go somewhere else. I am a little fuzzy on that part.

“But…. So I thought that maybe the Oracle could prove to them that I wasn’t crazy and I had Lia ask it if I really talked to you or was I just crazy. And it didn’t tell them the truth! It said ‘That is a very good question!’ I mean, what kind of Oracle thing is it if it can’t actually tell them that I talk to you?”

Titania puts her hand on Shay’s shoulder. If it means that much to you, pet…. Let my power grow within you. One day soon, when the power in you is strong enough, I will send another Champion to you. I have the perfect Sprite in mind. Your friends may regret their lack of faith in you, but that is their issue and not yours. Go back to sleep and know that I am watching.

Titania blows a kiss at Shay and the glade fades from view, letting Shay settle into a deep, restful slumber. Anyone on watch may notice the corners of her lips curling upwards into a smile as she sleeps.


We absolutely believe that you talk to Titania. We may be a bit iffy on whether or not she talks to you, though.

Is Shay really crazy?
KenB Amaeryllis

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