Storm King's Thunder

The One When We Accidentally the Boss

Bink! Milo! Shay! I’m so glad you’re all here. You’ll never believe what happened!

While you was out, this mad wee kobold named Mepo showed up to help with the giants. So we took the conch thingy and ported to this underwater palace, like. There were a whale and I made friends with it, kind of. Oh! And another whale that were just angry no matter how much fish we fed it. And Ridian almost got carried away in a whirlpool! There was these sleeping storm giants all over, and we got some wicked loot out of oysters bigger than me. I found a saddle that looks well posh, and I just remembered that I have notes for a spell that makes animals friendly, innit. So I’m gonna try the saddle on the bear later. I’m just a few practice shots away from learning a cool new multishot at the minute, as well. (Ed: I’m 17 xp from leveling!)

We almost forgot that we was meant to make friends with King Hexagon, but luckily we didn’t kill anybody. He weren’t there, but his daughters were. Anton brought Hexagon’s dead wife back to life and their daughter gave us this coin. She said it would help us find him. Oh! You’ll never believe who else were there! That Death of the Desert lady what killed Harshmag. And a load of different giants for some reason. Some of the giants was on her side and some on ours. She tried to run away, but Sayra stopped her and she changed into a dragon. This time we killed her dead. We should go to the desert and look for her hoard. She’s got sons we could kill an’ all.

And on the way back to the castle, I met this bloke called Rindwiver and he traded me these mad cool glasses for my old bow. [she puts them on] (Ed: These delicate eyeglasses were designed to clip onto the nose of a giant. They appear comically large if worn by a Medium or smaller-sized creature.)


KenB meredith_emigh

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