Storm King's Thunder

Whoever thought a sprite could poison a paladin?

“Queen Titania says you have to go to sleep. Now.” Raisie glared at Shay, looking pointedly at the sword across the half elf’s lap which was being honed and oiled.

Shay glanced over at the tiny sprite. “Raisie, you know I’m not tired. I already tried to sleep. All I managed to do was wake almost everyone else with my tossing and turning.”

“Yes, yes, but orders are orders. You have to go to sleep now. If you don’t, I have orders to shoot you.” Raisie flew small loop-de-loops in the air in front of the feypactadin. She drew her bow and nocked an arrow. “You know she’ll be upset if you don’t talk to her tonight.”

With a sigh, Shay set aside her sword. “Ok. Do what you have to do.” She knew humoring the sprite would be the only way to get any peace at this point.

With a tiny gleeful cheer, Raisie drew back the arrow and let it fly, hitting Shay in the shoulder. Shay looked at the minuscule arrow, then back to the sprite. “Was the supposed to hurt?”

Raisie shook her head, “Nah, it just needs to break the skin enough to deliver the poison.” Then, with a nod, “ Any second now”

“Wait, what? Poison? I didn’t say you…. Could….” Shay blinked her eyes slowly as the world went slightly out of focus, before drifting off to sleep.

Well, pet? What do you think of your “squire”? That unforgettable voice drifted across Shay’s consciousness like a feather, rousing her enough to partake in another waking dream. Isn’t she everything I promised?

“Raisie is awesome! A bit of a prankster, but I would expect nothing less. Did she tell you of our latest mission?” Shay looked around, mist swirling as she turned, but the Summer Queen chose not to reveal herself this time.

She did not. That is why I ordered you to appear. I wish to hear how you and she are getting along.

“Oh. Right! Well then…." Shay put her thoughts in order, mentally preparing her report. "As you know, we’ve been working on this problem with the giants and the Ordening. We’ve finally managed to get one of those teleportation conches, which we need to go.. somewhere.. I’m not sure where. But, we got a message from some dwarves that they were having issues with stone giants and they asked us to intervene.

“We went to this place called Deadstone Cleft, which is in the Greypeak mountains. Stories say it is the place stone giants go when they’re ready to die. Only, they don’t actually die… or they do but its because they petrify over time.

“Anyway, we get there, and we decide we need to scout the area. Raisie eagerly volunteered to scout, starting with a roc’s nest. I remembered you showing me how I could see what she saw, so I looked through her eyes. The roc’s nest had some stuff we thought might be interesting, but there were no stone giants out there so Raisie moved on. She went into one of the larger caves and found a group of Uthgar barbarians. After relaying the information to our group, we decided that cave was where we wanted to start our exploration.

“Using Rhydian’s magic, we were able to sneak up on the Uthgar, and they were simply no match for our group. The next cave had a few stone giants in it, but Rhydian’s magic was still in effect and we snuck up on them also. When they don’t get a chance to attach first, one or two stone giants is not really much of a fight either. At this point, though, Raisie was mostly just staying out of the way because we didn’t want a giant to smush her like a bug.

“We continued exploring and, I think it was in the next cave, we found Kayalithica. She summoned a stone golem thingie which was harder to hurt than most things are, but in the end we prevailed against both. And we rescued a gnome clockmaker, who’s going to live in our flying castle with us now. Everyone else was asking about other stuff the giants might have. And I asked if there were any other prisoners we might need to rescue. We had to deal with a few more things, but Raisie was mostly just watching my back at that point.“

So, everything is working out well. And your friends? Do they finally believe that you and I converse?

Shay nods. “Yeah, I think they do. I actually have someone who really really really wants to meet you, when we’re done dealing with all the giant stuff. It’s ok, right? To bring her?”

Of course, pet. Just remember, I will hold you accountable for her behavior, for good or for ill. As long as you are willing to pay the price, she is welcome to visit. Now, though, I think Raisie’s poison is wearing off. We shall speak again soon.


KenB Amaeryllis

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