Anton Roberts

Pirate Cleric


race: human
class: Tempest cleric – worshipper of Talos, God of Storms
faction: Order of the Gauntlet
background: Pirate


Anton has been a pirate his whole life. He can usually get a job on a ship or favors in a port town by convincing people that it’s good to have a cleric of the storm god Talos on their side. At least, he can usually “convince” (they would say: intimidate) them that is “bad luck” to disappoint a cleric of Talos before a voyage. Indeed, he is always a reliable crewmate, using his gifts from Talos to keep wind in the sails, storms at bay, and the crew well fed and in good health.

If you run into him at a bar, you might tell you the story about the time he was at a party in Luskan where someone was murdered. Technically, he committed the murder. But the merchant deserved it for ripping off a number of the guests, including Anton. In fact, Anton considers himself something of a local hero for that particular acts (although if you ask locals they might refer to their attitude as fear rather than hero worship), and proudly keeps the bloody invitation he stole off the corpse as a memento.

The clergy of Talos have heard rumors of giant calling himself the Storm King, and this claim greatly offends Talos, who considers himself the king of storms. It would be trouble for Talos if sailors started worshiping another. Seeing a common outlet for their religious zeal in the Order of the Gauntlet, many followers of Talos have joined the Order to hunt down this imposter. Anton was one of these, and sailed to Waterdeep to find more information about this Storm King.

Anton Roberts

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