Wild, Smelly, Angry


Height: 3’1"
Weight: 37 lbs
Age: 21
Hair: Dirty – could be brown?
Eyes: Can’t see em through all that hair
Skin: Very dirty
Smell: Ripe, it’s glandular – prestidigitation does nothing


He called himself Binck. No one knew if that was his given name. He came into town like a whirlwind, or more like forest fire – probably more like a small brush fire. He wasn’t that big, but my was he noticeable.

Dressed in furs of small animals and carrying a massive shield on his back, the little gnome made an interesting first impression. And that first impression was “What the hell is that stench?” That’s right, Binck stank – to the heavens. Upon close inspection the furs were all a little rotten, the gnome’s hair was unwashed perhaps for days and don’t even mention his teeth. Staring into his mouth was like looking into the heart of the Abyss. Beware.

The only things he seemed to have pride and cared for were his weapons. His battleaxe was polished to gleaming, his dagger pristine and the bandolier of darts he wore across his chest clean to surgical sterility. He kept his shield encrusted with the blood of his enemies, though.

He was brave though, no one could doubt that. He saved us all.

Perhaps it was luck, perhaps it was just knowing how to be in the right place at the right time.

Something caused a stirring of the great herds of elk in the mountains above the village. Some say they heard a great boom. Some say they saw an avalanche. Binck claimed it was a giant. Giants don’t live in these parts, it’s far too civilized here.

Either way, Binck was there. No one would believe him that trouble was coming, no matter how much he cursed, how much he screamed, how many things he broke. Children laughed at him, old women tutted him. He stormed off, towards danger.

I saw it. I followed him. He stamped towards the mountains and met the herd of elk head on. Killing many, he forced them from stampeding through our village. He took many wounds but his anger at the taunts of the townsfolk stirred him on, he ignored the battering from hooves and the goring of horns. He saved us.

Only I knew. He slumped unconscious, I bandaged his wounds and brought him to safety. In the morning he was gone.

There was only a note where he lay. “Thanks. I’m gonna kill me a giant.”

Binck is a worshipper of Tempus and followed the traditions of the Thunderbeast tribe of the Uthgardt Tribes of Lurkwood. He was part of a small gnome enclave in the southern part of Lurkwood who were slaughtered by a band of ogres led by a Hill Giant of Chief Guh’s retinue. He sought the help of the Thunderbeast tribe but he was laughed out of their camp, though he still worships Tempus he is enraged with his treatment by the Uthgardt Tribe (and as such all Uthgardt Barbarians). He was treated well by the Emerald Enclave who suggested that Waterdeep is a good starting place to sate his need for vengeance.


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