Darathra Shendrel

Lord Protector of Triboar and Ex-Adventurer


Darathra Shendrel is a good natured Harper and ex-adventurer. As Lord Protector of Triboar, she enacts and modifies local laws, which are enforced by the Twelve-a squad of a dozen mounted warriors drawn from the militia.

Darathra has sworn an oath to defend the town. She takes her duty very seriously. In addition to her gear, Darathra has an unarmored warhorse named Buster.

Ideal: “Good people should be given every chance to prosper,
free of tyranny.”
Bond: “I’ll lay down my life to protect Triboar and its citizens.”
Flaw: “I refuse to back down. Push me, and I’ll push back.”

Darathra Shendrel

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