Lia Galanodel

Ranger, Wood Elf


Small for an elf, and relatively young.


Lia was born to a clan of warriors. From the time they could walk, boy children were given bows and taught to hunt. Unfortunately for Lia, women of her clan were expected to have as many children as possible, starting as young as possible. Theirs was a small clan, and the Lurkwood was dangerous — meaning hunting parties often returned smaller than they set out. In addition, there was a prophecy that a great warrior would be born to her clan, one who would return them to their former glory and help them take back the Lurkwood. The clan chief wanted as many males born as possible, hoping for the hero.

But fireside tales of heroism, and of the many exotic and dangerous creatures the hunters met in the Lurkwood piqued Lia’s fancy. She wanted to be a hunter. No one would train her, so she practiced in secret with her brother’s old bows as he grew out of them. She mastered each easily, as if she were born for it. One day, when all the hunters were off dealing with a particularly large party of invading giants, a snarling winter wolf appeared in the village. All the other women ran screaming to pick up their children and go indoors, but Lia grabbed her bow and slew the beast single-handedly. She didn’t tell them that it was already slightly wounded.

By the time the hunters returned, the women were celebrating her as a hero and the children were convinced she was the warrior of prophecy. The chief did not appreciate her deeds, and was angry at her presumption to disobey him and learn to shoot. The other hunters intervened and kept her from being exiled, but Lia knew she couldn’t stay. She packed up her things, stole her brother’s good longbow (he could easily get another from the master craftman) and set out to find adventure elsewhere. She hoped she would find good deeds to do and deserving people to help.

On her way out of the Lurkwood, Lia met Bink. She smelled him miles before she actually encountered him. He was also leaving the wood to seek his fortune and after an encounter with an ettin proved they made a good team, they decided to travel together at least for a while. Eventually, they ended up in Waterdeep, where they’d been told they could find work.

Lia Galanodel

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