Milo Cobblepot

Half the height, but twice the luck!


Race: Stout Halfling
Background: Acolyte of Tymora
Class: Wizard


If asked to describe himself, the first word out of Milo’s mouth has always been “Lucky”.

Some argue that his life has been one of tragedy and misfortune, but Milo always tells them that they’re looking at things wrong. Sure, his father died when he was very young, leaving his mother too poor to even feed herself and her young son properly. If not for that poverty, though, Milo wouldn’t have been out in the woods picking berries when his town was destroyed by ogres. How can anyone claim that being the only surviving member of his village isn’t lucky?

If Milo weren’t lucky, would Father Immith, Luckbringer of Tymora have been wandering by just as Milo stumbled half-starved out of the woods? Of course he wouldn’t.

Milo knew he was lucky, and Father Immith knew it too. That’s why he brought Milo back to the temple with him, to raise as his own.

Now, Milo has left the temple too see where fortune brings him, and to repay Father Immith by sharing his good fortune with others.

Milo Cobblepot

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