Miros Xelbrin

Proprietor of the Northfurrow's End


Miros Xelbrin is the proprietor of Northfurrow’s End and is an elder member of the
Fellowship of Innkeepers guild of Waterdeep. Miros is a retired carnival attraction-dubbed “the Yeti” during his heyday because of his barrel-shaped body and the thick, white hair covering his arms, chest, back, and head.

Miros is a staunch supporter of the Emerald Enclave. He has little tolerance
for rabble-rousers and can spot adventurers from a mile away.

Ideal: “As does the Emerald Enclave, I believe that civilization and the wilderness need to learn to coexist.”
Bond: “Make fun of me all you like, but don’t speak ill of my inn or my employees!”
Flaw: “When something upsets me, I have a tendency to fly into a rage.”


Miros Xelbrin

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