Seira of the Deep

Deep Gnome Wizard


Age: 134
Height: 3’1’’
Weight: 88 pounds
Skin Color: dust
Eye Color: purple with a blue hue

School: Evocation


Back in the days when friends started calling me Phisly, guess that`s what happen when you spend so many hours as a child trying to catch Cave Fish.. Well, that`s a story for another day.

I was too young, too happy to understand why we were leaving Blingdestone. Once I became into adulthood, I travel the Underdark learning history, lore and practicing magic. It gave me a sense of power, an opportunity to defend the lands and others if that terrible day were to come again. I don’t remember much, but I do remember the faces of “grown-ups” around me, pain and sadness. I don’t hate all descendant of those that inflicted that pain, during my travels I met some of kind heart, now hated by others and their own kind; but I`m cautious.

After a century living outside of what we once called home, we were finally back; and I realized that even though we still have to fight the creatures that lurk within our tunnels, our warriors here are more than capable of doing so. I, my knowledge and skills, would serve better those that now would have to run from their home because of this new menace.

Beside, a beloved traveler companion left me this letter when he died that I still need to make sense of, doubt I`ll find the answer in within these tunnels…

She “lights” up her pipe, says farewell to love ones.. And there, her new adventure begins

As she walks away and her silhouette is lost within the tunnels, her friends, family and companions think “Farewell, Seira of the Deep… may we meet again” as they smile to the bubbles that she leaves behind, which are being litter by the dim lights of the city.

A letter from dead companion and friend…

“Dear friend,

If this have found its way to you it means that Labelas Enoreth had reclaimed my soul to his plane, if I was lucky enough to be honored with such a privilege; sadly, it also means that I never found my answer.

As you might remember when we first met I had found the emblem of my family among the belongings of the Cult of the Dragon while rescuing some villagers. When our path separate, I continued to follow the clues left behind by the cult, but I couldn’t find any connections to the emblem or if my family had met their end this way. I finally reached a dead end when the cult tried to unify and bring Tiamat back to our world.

Now, it seems that I have reach the end of my path. Enclosed is a drawn of the emblem of my family and I ask of you to please give my soul the answers.
I was searching for Zoagash, a half orc, who might have met with my father no long before his death. Sadly, that is all I have to go for, everything else reached a dead end.

Thanks my old friend,

Laucian Galanodel"

Seira of the Deep

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