Shalvus Martholio

Zhentarim Spy in Goldenfields


Shalvus Martholio is a newly hired shepard who recently arrived in Goldenfields. Shalvus is secretly a Zhentarim spy sent to determine how easy it would be for the Black Network to gain control of Goldenfields, and report his findings to Nalaskur Thaelond in Bargewright Inn. Shalvus often leaves the livestock pens to hang around Northfurrow’s End. He returns to the pens at night to check on the animals.

Ideal: “I’ll do what it takes to prove myself to the Zhentarim.”
Bond: “I love animals, and I’m very protective of them.”
Flaw: “I can’t resist taking risks to feed my ambitions.”

Shalvus Martholio

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