Rhydian Wicked-Tree of Evermeet

Monk / Assassin / Bounty Hunter


Evermeet, The Elven Island, a place so magical many fay pact warlocks steel power from the island. A place so far away many people have no idea where it is.

Pirates, and Red Wizards have attempted to control the Island, but they fail. Pirates and Red Wizards have attempted to steal from the Island, but they fail. They fail because they do not understand what they are dealing with, men and women who train for decades to be living weapons, people who are sent out to deal with the enemies of Evermeet. Rhydian is an Outlander who does not know the Sword Coast well. He has left his home to deal with a pirate who had escaped from Evermeet, a man under a sentence of death. After finding the criminal and handing down the sentence, he decided it was time to see more of the world. It was harder to find this criminal that it should have been, and without the knowledge of the rest of the world it is too easy to hide.

Rhydian Wicked-Tree of Evermeet

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