Zi Liang

Acolyte of Chauntea


Zi Liang is a devout worshiper of Chauntea, the Earth Mother. She has considerably less faith in Goldenfields’ defenders. She has scolded Father Darovik many times for putting the defense
of Goldenfields in the hands of incompetent military leaders, which has made her somewhat unpopular. She also patrols the temple-farm during her off-duty hours.

Ideal: “If we faithfully tend to our gardens and our fields, Chauntea will smile upon us.”
Bond: “Goldenfields is the breadbasket of the North. People depend on its safety and prosperity, and I’ll do what must be done to protect it.”
Flaw: “I don’t trust authority. I do what my heart says is right.”

Zi Liang

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