Storm King's Thunder

Putting an end to perverted undead love
Plan B was to let the face eating monster tear my eyes out

To: the Temple of Talos in Luskan

Ahoy Acolyte Stormwind,

I thought the temple might be interested in some disturbing events that I witnessed recently. I was near the town of Parnast working on the giant hunting business, when all the sudden me and my crew were surrounded by a ghostly fog that transported us to a realm called Barovia. The lord of the realm, Count Strahd, is obsessed with his brother’s former lover Tatiana. She is somehow cursed to repeatedly come back to life and die horribly before he can get his hands on her. Apparently Strahd made a bargain with a dark god at a place called the Amber Temple which didn’t give him quite what he wanted, but caused him to become a vampire. When we arrived we were told of a woman Esme who for some reason thought Strahd’s plan was a good idea. She tried to make a bargain with a dark god herself to become undead and look like the target of Strahd’s affection so she could get some kinky undead loving from him. While I support most perversions you can think of, this one goes to far. We had to kill her. We were able to find Esme with the help of a coven of witches who sacrificed some of their life essence to perform some sort of scrying ritual (apparently, they don’t know of decent scrying magic in their realm). We found Esme before she could complete her ritual, and were able to trap her spirit in a magic locket one of the witches gave us. Before I knew it we were transported by the ghostly fog back to Parnast.
I will try to bring the locket back to the temple for further study. I would recommend we send some clerics to Barovia to clear out the undead and what I can only guess is a curse that makes everyone crazy. However, I don’t know how we got there or how we got back. Maybe this was some magic of the giants to try to keep us away, but it wasn’t any magic I recognized. It also could’ve been that blue dragon who claims to be responsible for breaking the Ordening. I still don’t know why the Ordening was broken and who stands to benefit. I say we kill ’em all and let Talos sort them out.

may Talos guide you,
Anton Roberts

Fire and the giant in the fairly tale castle

Hi Nighty,

I know, it has being a long time since I last wrote to you. This hero life is busy, I know.. me a hero, who would have thought? Anyway, our last adventure was amazing and I find myself thinking of how much you would like to hear about it… so here it goes..

Our journey started this time walking toward Lord Gavin house, which I may add: he does not seems to be too bright, or at least have a long list on his to do. He has kept a sword that he was suppose to destroy, one that, by the way, possessed him and yet he kept as a souvenir mounted on his walls. YES! I KNOW, RIGHT!?

Anyway, we got there to find part of the house on fire and some member of the Cult of the Dragon. I wanted to try to question them for any clues, after all I still haven’t being able to find anything that would give my friend, Laucian`s soul peace. But sadly I saw fire, the amazing waves and forms of it, the bright red and orange, the smell and sound of crispy wood as it sizzle to it.. I`m going away from the point, my friends and comrades in the group needed my help to put the fire out, hence I went toward the fire JUST TO HELP.

I`m not sure what happen, I believe they kill the members and then found the brilliant Lord inside a cage, as well as his Troll (humans…) no sure what happen, I was HELPING with the fire; but apparently his sword and some money was taken by some guy that were in the same castle that we needed to go.

And WHAT A CASTLE! we found the Giant that kill his son. We end up in front of a big door, no sure why giant think they are secure when they make such big holes belong the doors, we tiny ones, in this case Binck, with a little help of magic can just crawl in LOL.

Anyway, we found our self in an INVISIBLE room, what a VIEW. oh did I mention? this castle was FLYING!! The sighting moment was interrupted by the giant we needed to kill, I think we are getting too good at this, he died pretty fast.. I enjoyed it; and then Binck cut his head and tight it on his waist, and I ride it on the way down as I played with balls of fire. Some barbarians came, no sure why, they ran away.. shrugs.

A small group stay behind to fight us, in a very annoying way, he had this dark matter around him which made him difficult.. he eventually fall down, as everything that confront us do.. hi hi hi… we recover the sword, which whom? it? … anyway Shay talk with it and kept it, no sure if that`s good, it seems that some ritual prevent the sword now from possessing others..

Oh and then we fought a dragon! poor thing.. they say he was not, but I think he was a baby, he looked big, but what does not to us?

Fun? right? right?

Then we went back to mister smart, gave his money back; Shay kept the sword.

Until next time,

PS. I wish Binck took a shower, he otherwise is fun to hang out with. He let me ride on the giant head!

Harshnag the Flat

We continued raiding Uthgardt tombs. What fun! We found all sorts of odd giant things mostly unguarded, well except for a few ghosts and some Uthgardts we made short work of. We also went back to The Great Worm Cavern and Shay talked to her imaginary friend, well her new imaginary friend and we got imaginary boons? So I guess not imaginary? Who knew!?

So – back to the Eye of the All Father and lo and behold Harshnag that Grim guy was waiting for us. We placed all the artifacts (that we didn’t want to keep) on the oracle’s platform and we were left to make a choice. We eventually chose the cloud giant, Sansuri and all seemed to be well.

Then we came out of the sanctuary and there was a gods darned Ancient Blue Dragon waiting for us. I tried to take it and fight with Harshnag but the fool knocked the temple down on top of him and the dragon. We all barely escaped.

Milo sent his elemental in after Harshnag but his remains were far too destroyed for our priest to return to life. So we instead decided that it would honor Harshnag for one of us to wear his armor into battle against those he fought.

The captain of our airship gave us one interesting bit of information, he never saw a dragon going into the temple – he saw a female storm giant and gave us a detailed description. We went to Waterdeep to find a map to Parnast and talk to that dragon expert with all the cats and one really big “cat”. We got a map to Parnast and talked to the dragon lady.

She found information that there is an ancient blue that is called the “Doom of the Desert” and the “Dragon of Statues”. She lives in a cold desert far to the east, name of “Iymrith”.

So on to Parnast, or to this cloud giant’s castle that is stuck in my head? Or look for this desert? We’ll see – but either way – it’ll be fun!

Is Shay really crazy?
Party Consequences

The night after visiting the oracle of the all-father:

Something’s bothering you, my pet. We can’t have that. Come tell me what’s wrong.

The musically feminine voice echoes through Shayleigh’s mind just as sleep overtakes her. The next thing she knows, she is standing in the glade where she swore her Oath of the Ancients before the Summer Court. But it is not Oberon who has called her this time.

“Titania! My lady!” Shay quickly drops to one knee, her right hand forming a fist over her heart as she bows her head. “Have you summoned me to the Feywild?”

Tinkling laughter spills forth from the Summer Queen as she gestures for Shay to rise. Don’t be foolish, childe, this is but a dream. Your distress, though, has caught my attention and I would prefer it to cease. Ergo, we shall speak and address the cause of your unhappiness.

“Oh.. I’m sorry. Well, you see… “ Shay frowns for a moment. “I think, maybe, it’s because I’m tired of people not believing that I talk to you. Or, to other things.” The glade darkens and the air crackles as Titania’s displeasure is made manifest. Suddenly realizing that an angry Summer Queen was a VERY BAD thing, Shay quickly continued.

“I mean, they believe in you. They just don’t believe that I actually can actually communicate with you at all. And, well…. We are on this huge quest to fix the giants ordening so they stop fighting. Somehow, finding giant relics at these tribes of barbarians is supposed to help that. So, we just were at this one tribes home, and a coatyl talked to me. For some reason, I was the only one who could hear him.. it.. her.. and she was stuck in an altar.. and they all just looked at me like I was crazy. I’m not crazy, am I?”

The static abruptly discharges and light returns as Titania starts laughing again. Is that all, pet? You’re worried that someone thinks you are crazy? Sweet, sweet Shay, you are touched. It’s what made you into a creature upon whom I was willing to grant my boon, for such a small price. Tell me more of what happened.

Shay starts pacing as she explains, “Oh well… we went to a bunch more of these tribes to try and find more relics. Giving the relics to the oracle lets us find the path to one of them, and then we can get this magic conch.. which lets us go somewhere else. I am a little fuzzy on that part.

“But…. So I thought that maybe the Oracle could prove to them that I wasn’t crazy and I had Lia ask it if I really talked to you or was I just crazy. And it didn’t tell them the truth! It said ‘That is a very good question!’ I mean, what kind of Oracle thing is it if it can’t actually tell them that I talk to you?”

Titania puts her hand on Shay’s shoulder. If it means that much to you, pet…. Let my power grow within you. One day soon, when the power in you is strong enough, I will send another Champion to you. I have the perfect Sprite in mind. Your friends may regret their lack of faith in you, but that is their issue and not yours. Go back to sleep and know that I am watching.

Titania blows a kiss at Shay and the glade fades from view, letting Shay settle into a deep, restful slumber. Anyone on watch may notice the corners of her lips curling upwards into a smile as she sleeps.

Giant temples have really tall stairs
In which only some dogs fly

In keeping with Harshnag’s urgency, we purchased mounts and set forth swiftly for the “Eye of the Allfather”. It was a cold and unpleasant journey, though it gave me time to bond with my Faithful Steed. Aside from that it was quite boring, almost as if few creatures are willing to attack a group travelling with a well-armored frost giant.

At the temple itself, we ran into a problem that I fear will become commonplace as we continue to deal with Giant-based problems. I speak, of course, of stairs. It’s bad enough when in twiceling towns, with their ridiculous leg lengths, but Giant architecture is on a whole different scale. The building had various deliberate traps — rolling boulders, animated statues, and so forth — but it was the sheer scale of the stairway of the stairway that I personally found most inconvenient.

Luckily, my Faithful Steed was already flying to escape the boulder trap which squished Seira’s mount like a grape in a wine press, so I was able to bypass the obstacle. Even so, if restoring the Ordening is going to alter the fundamental organization of Giant society, perhaps we can arrange somehow for the new version to mandate ramps in all new Giant construction?

After boulder traps, some angry Uthgardt barbarians1, nearly getting killed by a fiery centipede of some sort, and dealing with the poor design of the stairway, we made our way to the heart2 of the temple: The Oracle.

Conveniently, a friendly cloud giant ghost and filicide victim was there and explained the mechanics of Oracle usage when we promised to try to avenge him. The Oracle told us that we needed to seek out one of the Giant Lords, but refused to tell us their locations until we rob some Uthgardt graves. Oh well, those guys are assholes anyway.

1 Redundant, I know. I suppose there may exist Uthgardt barbarians who are under the influence of Calm Emotion or some such.

2 Or should that be “eye”, given the name of the place?

The One with Too Many Giants

Walking through Waterdeep:

“Riding griffons is well better than riding vultures! I wish we could keep them.”

leaves rustling “It smells better, too.”

“Them bracers are pretty nice, innit? What kind of mug trades this for a magic rope? Strange things happen in cities.”

“They’ll help you fight giants?”

“Not if we run into a bloody ship full of them again! I never knew there was so many giants. Lucky that griffon woman was paying attention. I wonder if anyone is left in Firespear.”

“I felt bad leaving them. Do you think we’ll find that man everyone is looking for?”

“Artimus Cinder? I hope so. If the giants find him first…well, it won’t be good for no one. I wonder if we should use this ring? Maybe the bloke it calls knows something.”

clank, clank, whirrrrr, clank “Bark! Bark!”

“Remind me not to wind him up in cities no more. He barks at everything.”


Phewee. What all happened there? Well we met this giant who has agreed to help us and he said he’d meet us outside Waterdeep. Our vultures are dead.

Charlie – Charlies is dead!? I’m so sad. I loved that guy, even though he tried to rip my eyes out if I ever approached him without that helmet on. I wonder if vulture soup is any good?

Some dragon told us about some giants on a ship – that sounds fun – hope we have a chance to check that out. Oh yeah, Lia got a clockwork dog from some grumpy gnome named Thwip. Not sure why we were sent to see him he had nothing important to tell us that I recall.

Oh and Brek’s uncle told us to go to Fireshear, apparently we can get griffons there? He gave us each a gem too. Oh yeah and he’s sending help to Bryn Shander – good guy that dwarf.

Getting that giantslayer greatsword seemed too easy
we have no reason not to trust the thieves that stole it for us

To: the Temple of Talos in Luskan

Ahoy Acolyte Stormwind,

Since I wrote you last it feels like I’ve traveled over the realm several times over. Most recently, my crew and I defended Xantharl’s keep from an attack by a small army led by frost giants, all so we could claim the bounty on dwarf stableboy. I am now in Bryn Shandr, following up some leads. I will likely head to Neverwinter soon to meet one of our contacts from the Order of the Gauntlet, and to Waterdeep to try to obtain a ring that the frost giants were after — it’s called the ring of winter and it supposedly can make the weather wintry. You might notice that these places are no where near each other. We’ve been getting around by flying vultures and teleportation circles that the Harpers have let us use.

In my travels, I have learned that Hakaton, the storm giant king is missing, but have learned little more actionable intelligence than that. I do have a lead that we might find more information at a giant temple called the Eye of the Allfather, but I still don’t know where that is.

The crew I’m with has turned out to be adept at combat and forming alliances, and this suits me as I continue my mission. We’ve acquired some mighty weapons, including a giantslayer greatsword for the foolhardy paladin recently that joined us. If I can keep them healthy, we should be able to hunt down giants effectively when we find out where they’re hiding. I’ve also acquired a ship that I can fold up and put in my pack. Now that makes me a captain, and I think I need a terrifying name to go with it, like “the dread pirate Anton”. What do you think?

may Talos guide you,
Anton Roberts

To: Urlam Stockspool of the Triboar Travelers Caravan Company
They love to garden

Hello Urlam I figured that I would write to you about a few things since we left Triboar. We all know that knowledge is power and it is nice to have a friend who can keep people networked properly. I don’t know you might know someone I met named Shalvus from Brightwater. Great guy helped to fight giants, he really is an up and comer.

Speaking of giants are getting out of control they are popping up everywhere taking, hunting, killing and just being a problem in general. Just look at what happened in Triboar attacked my giants with orc assistance. Then we check out the woods just outside of Triboar and we find that Ogre-Magi or Oni, were hunting killing and eating the rangers and druids that would camp there in order to hear the voice of some ranger god. I’m no ranger and I have no memory for that kind of thing, book learning who needs it. My worry is that with the giants out of control because of the “ordning” the smaller ‘giant” races are also out to do whatever they want. No checks and balances on any giant in general.

But I guess not only the giants are out of control. We ran across a set of brothers who were all trying to kill each other off for a bigger part of their inheritance. We caught the last brother red handed in his murder of his brother and paid us well to not turn him in. But the joke was on him. In the end one of my traveling companions Lia used her hush money to have the dead brother brought back from the dead. I then told him all about what had happened. If only I was not on this mission I saw an easy opportunity to get hired in my normal pest control position. Life is so much simpler when you don’t worry about the moral stuff. You are given a target and you deal with the target. No thinking, just doing. Maybe once we find out more about these giants I will have a simple target to deal with. I wonder what giants are allergic to, is there such a thing as giant-bane?

Oh here is another bit of interesting news. Frost giants are now down in the warm climates. My group and I encountered a group of them, we killed them, but that was not all. A group of Uthgardt barbarians was found slaughters with a group of frost giants I did not think that any of them should be this far south. The giants are trying to prove themselves to their giant god. There may be a way to make someone money off this if you have the right people in the right places, but I am not sure what that right place is. I am more of an exterminator then an idea guy.

So in other news my group has just gotten a new member. She is a fey-knight like you see back home in Evermeet (home sick a little). Sadly she is a summer girl, while I am more winter boy. All hail the Queen of Air and Darkness. She is also of the Emerald Enclave and we all know how much they love to garden. I have two other members of the Enclave that I am traveling with and they also love their gardens Lia and Binck. Lia was telling me how nice it is when you are able to kill off all the slugs in your garden. If the slugs are dead and any vermin like the slug are dead then thing get better. I hear this story and we now have a new member. I am not sure but I think they want to grow fresh tomatoes and lettuce from their gardens all over the sword coast. I will let you know how it tastes.

So don’t be afraid to let me know what is going on back in Triboar, and I will make sure you are kept in the loop.

May the wind be always at your back

Great Caliph, grant me wisdom. The people with whom I currently travel are murderers or thieves. Well, with one exception, the elf named Lia.

While visiting a town called Triboar, the local constabulary incited my companions with a story about a retired adventurer named Hyuth Kolstaag who owned a mansion located on a ridge overlooking the town. He told stories of how the adventurer’s gargoyles were constantly harassing the townfolk, and used language to make it clear that those in charge would not see anything amiss if the mage “miraculously” decided to relocate elsewhere. I swear this man all but asked us to eliminate the problem for him.

My companions and I were intrigued, but I thought we were going to speak with said mage to find out why the constabulary disliked him so. Upon our arrival at the mansion, Hyuth immediately lashed out with a fireball, all the while shouting that the last assassins hadn’t killed him and we wouldn’t succeed either. The gargoyles around his house activated (most likely they had orders to defend him) and attached us. It was clear, though, that this man was either deluded and in need of help, or had indeed been the victim of an attack on his life and honestly fearful we were going to attempt the same.

Through the adroit use of a spell to calm the mage (cast by Anton, our priest of Talos), we were able to initiate a conversation with him (and the gargoyles stopped attacking as well). We were just starting to learn what had happened to Hyuth (and perhaps why) when Rhydian viciously stabbed Hyuth in the back. This then validated his belief that we were there to kill him and chain lightning erupted from his hands, striking most of my travelling companions. Anton and Milo were stricken most grievously, barely clinging to life. The gargoyles re-engaged and to defend my companions I was forced to destroy them. I was able to reach Anton and administer a healing potion before he succumbed to his wounds.

Lia fired the shot which ultimately ended the mage’s life, a dubiously justified use of force given that we had tried to murder him. I know, though, that she was as conflicted about the events as I was. The mage’s death must have ended some kind of spell as a chest appeared on the ground next to him with the audible “pop” of something materializing from elsewhere. My companions immediately examined the chest and then started rifling through the contents, taking what they wanted without a thought as to who might inherit the items.

I cannot continue to travel with these people; this is not who I am. I think it is time to find my mother’s lands, my mother’s people. Perhaps there, I will find a place to belong.


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