Tag: Bargewright Inn


  • Bargewright Inn

    Once a hilltop wayside inn, this site has become a walled community of ramshackle, frequently reguilt wooden towers and buildings. Its structures now entirely cloak a hill that overlooks the village of Womford across the Dessarin River. A long wooden …

  • Nalaskur Thaelond

    Nalaskur Thaelond is the innkeeper at the inn for which the town Bargewright Inn is known for. He is a Zhentarim agent and known to be able to procure all kinds of "interesting" wares.

  • Chalaska Mururin

    Chalaska is a veteran of many wars who settled in Bargewright Inn intending to retire. She was however so shocked by the laziness of the militia and guards who had been hired to protect the merchant community that she complained to the council of …

  • Arik Stillmarsh

    Arik Stillmarsh is a well-dressed young man with a sallow complexion who lives like a hermit in one of the corner rooms of the old inn. Rumor had it that Arik Stillmarsh swindled one of the more prominent noble families in Waterdeep and that the Black …