Tag: Zhentarim


  • Xolkin Allasander

    Xolkin is the leader of a group of Zhentarim thugs that call themselves "The Seven Snakes". He and his men work for someone known as "The Snail". Xolkin has a deep unrequited love for [[:kella-darkhope | Kella Darkhope]], which irritates Kella to no end.

  • Kella Darkhope

    Keila Darkhope, a Zhentarim spy who infiltrated Nightstone in the guise of a traveling monk. She was sent to scount out Nightstone to help turn it into a Black Network base. Kella has had a challenging a professional relationship with[[:xolkin-allasander …

  • Shalvus Martholio

    Shalvus Martholio is a newly hired shepard who recently arrived in Goldenfields. Shalvus is secretly a Zhentarim spy sent to determine how easy it would be for the Black Network to gain control of Goldenfields, and report his findings to Nalaskur Thaelond …

  • Nalaskur Thaelond

    Nalaskur Thaelond is the innkeeper at the inn for which the town Bargewright Inn is known for. He is a Zhentarim agent and known to be able to procure all kinds of "interesting" wares.

  • Urlam Stockspool

    Urlam Stockspool is a shrewd, roughly dressed businessman. He runs the Triboar Travelers caravan company and is a recruiter for the Black Network. He's proud of his affiliation: he lost an eye in combat years ago and wears a red eye patch emblazoned with …