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This page has a list of hints, requests, and information to follow up on that our characters encounter while adventuring.

Quests In Progress

Escort a shipment of beer up to Mornbryn’s Shield.

Giver: Nalaskur Thaelond
Location: Bargewright Inn
Status: Not Started. Probably unavailable after we shattered the roof of and set fire to a part of Nalaskur’s inn.

Visit the Roaringhorn estate in Waterdeep, and speak to someone there to find current whereabouts of Artus Cimber, wearer of the artifact Ring of Winter, who is being hunted by the frost giants. Optionally, escort Sirac as far south as Luskan.

Giver: Sirac of Suzail (Artis Cimber’s son)
Location: Waterdeep
Status: Currently standing in his closet of magic items, waiting for our missing party members to suddenly and mysteriously have been there with us the whole time.

Deliver Duvessa’s letter to her aunt, Inirva Coldwater, who is the captain of the Dancing Wave. Duvessa is confident her aunt will provide passage up and down the Sword Coast for the party.

Giver: Duvessa Shane
Location: Waterdeep
Status: Not Started

Patrol Icewind Dale, looking for evidence of more giant activity. Optionally, return with the heads of one or more giants.

Giver: Markham Southwell
Location: Icewind Dale
Status: Interrupted in our head removal by way more giants than we could take. Fled south on Griffons. On hold.

Report Sir Baric’s current status to Sir Lanniver Strayl of Neverwinter.

Giver: Baric Nylef
Location: Neverwinter
Status: Not Started

Quests Completed

Convince (and pay) Dasharra Keldabar of Fireshear to teach us to ride griffons.
Seek out Thwip Ironbottom, gnomish Harper of Hundlestone.
Meet with Gwert Brighthelm of Ironmaster to request reinforcements for Bryn Shander
Seek out dragon expert Chazlauth Yarghorn for his guidance on getting the good dragons to help vs the giants.
Give Miros’s regards to Arleosa Starhenge, proprietress of the Stag-Horned Flagon.
Bring Zi’s black pearl necklace to Cauldar Marskyl of House Thann.
Escort Shalvus Martholio to the Bargewright Inn, so he can report to his boss, Nalasker Thalond.
Report to Lady Velrosa Nandar in Nightstone to help mediate a dispute with the elves of Ardeep Forest.
Rescue the villagers of Nightstone from the goblins who have imprisoned them in the Dripping Caves.
Inform Miros Xelbrin of Goldenfields about his elderly parents’ passing.
Seek out Oren’s sister, Lily at the Happy Cow tavern, and give her his letter begging for money.
Let Alaestra Ulger know about the death of her ex-husband Darthag Ulgar.
Let Markham the Sherriff of Bryn Shander know about the death of his sister Semile Southwell:
Seek out Lifferlas’s creator, a druid named Aerglas.
Deliver custom-made harnesses to Noanaar’s Hold.
Tell Harthos Zymorven of what happened in Triboar, and he will give us his giant slayer greatsword.
Steal a cache of magic items from the Margasters, Othovir’s demon-worshipping family.
Show Ghelry’s letter of recommendation to the king or queen.
Go to Danivarr’s House, and give Daratha’s platinum badge to Dral Thelev
Capture the bandit known as “The Weevil”, who is currently posing as a stable hand in Xantharl’s Keep

Quest Board

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