Storm King's Thunder

May the wind be always at your back

Great Caliph, grant me wisdom. The people with whom I currently travel are murderers or thieves. Well, with one exception, the elf named Lia.

While visiting a town called Triboar, the local constabulary incited my companions with a story about a retired adventurer named Hyuth Kolstaag who owned a mansion located on a ridge overlooking the town. He told stories of how the adventurer’s gargoyles were constantly harassing the townfolk, and used language to make it clear that those in charge would not see anything amiss if the mage “miraculously” decided to relocate elsewhere. I swear this man all but asked us to eliminate the problem for him.

My companions and I were intrigued, but I thought we were going to speak with said mage to find out why the constabulary disliked him so. Upon our arrival at the mansion, Hyuth immediately lashed out with a fireball, all the while shouting that the last assassins hadn’t killed him and we wouldn’t succeed either. The gargoyles around his house activated (most likely they had orders to defend him) and attached us. It was clear, though, that this man was either deluded and in need of help, or had indeed been the victim of an attack on his life and honestly fearful we were going to attempt the same.

Through the adroit use of a spell to calm the mage (cast by Anton, our priest of Talos), we were able to initiate a conversation with him (and the gargoyles stopped attacking as well). We were just starting to learn what had happened to Hyuth (and perhaps why) when Rhydian viciously stabbed Hyuth in the back. This then validated his belief that we were there to kill him and chain lightning erupted from his hands, striking most of my travelling companions. Anton and Milo were stricken most grievously, barely clinging to life. The gargoyles re-engaged and to defend my companions I was forced to destroy them. I was able to reach Anton and administer a healing potion before he succumbed to his wounds.

Lia fired the shot which ultimately ended the mage’s life, a dubiously justified use of force given that we had tried to murder him. I know, though, that she was as conflicted about the events as I was. The mage’s death must have ended some kind of spell as a chest appeared on the ground next to him with the audible “pop” of something materializing from elsewhere. My companions immediately examined the chest and then started rifling through the contents, taking what they wanted without a thought as to who might inherit the items.

I cannot continue to travel with these people; this is not who I am. I think it is time to find my mother’s lands, my mother’s people. Perhaps there, I will find a place to belong.



He was obviously an evil old wizard intent on killing us no matter what we did. Binck did not rifle through his chest, though the house is pretty sweet and I still want it. If it makes Tahlaeth feel better we can search out his background to prove he was a mad evil wizard with enemies who were trying to kill him – likely for good reason. He probably ate the babies of his entire family so no next of kin.

KenB Amaeryllis

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