Storm King's Thunder

The Broken Fortress


Dear Nighty,
How are you my dear friend? Are the creatures within the tunnels of The Underdark under control?
I promised I would write to you about the new quest I had embark, and as I sit down tonight, thought this would be a day you would like to hear of…

Early in the morning we arrived to Goldenfields, the town has fields that extend to all corners for miles and is surrounded by walls. Shortly after, inside of the walls, we met Mr Tarm, who pointed us to The Abbey, who soon we learned has NO idea how to protect the town (let me summarized with "his personal guards are two bears that care more about rations than his master wellbeing; he made some &%&% Orc the guard captain and move the guard house to the brewery!!! I`m NOT kidding!!) He, at least, gave us some information regarding Fire Giants attacking the North and The Hill Giants attacking fields (and AGAIN! he though this town was unlikely to be attack and is well protected.. sighs)

We delivered the news of his parents death to Miros Xelbrin and even though Lia, a great archer I might add, came with the perfect solution to prevent Binck to burst the news out, Milo in his own Haflings ways end up doing the same. Nevertheless Miros was grateful of the news and he was able to see his parent`s old Tressym Familiar, who travels with us after we got attached to each other. As a token of appreciation he gave us mead and provided accommodations for us.

While in the Inn we also met Mrs Drathkala who thinks she might be able to find some information about the Nightstone (Finally!!!)

With our belly full and happy we hoped to have a quite stay at the Inn, but our rest was interrupted by the screams of Oren, a hafling that can sing, and apparently would write a song for Binck, but he surely can`t fight and like that a long battle started. The Inn was surrounded by goblins, Ogre and bugbear, which of course we killed. Some people of the town joined us during the fight like Zi-Liang, Mrs Drathkala and Lifferlas, among others. After the battle surrounding the Inn was over, we heard the system gong warning the townfolks about danger coming from the South (yes, tell me about a late warning!) We run in that direction and came along TWO Hill Giants, one end up falling belly down on poor Anton; after those were dead (which I might add, one of them cry at the end) we continue toward the walls and once on the top we could see 4 more Hill Giants, multiple goblins and Ogres with catapults firing goblins at us (let me tell you, no a good tactic.. but this creatures are not known for being very clever.. lol)
The residents of the town also help us here, except of course for that singing hafling, which to my surprise somehow survived.
At the end we try to interrogate one of the Hill Giants, you can imaging how that went with this big, clumsy pack of bones and flesh, the only good information we got was that his leader was called “Goo” and he was in GrundHoog? and that he might be a Hill Giant as well. but bigger…
We started talking with some of the Townfolks and Lifferlas creator might have some information about The Giants. I hope we follow that lead next.

Until next time,


KenB chang

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