Storm King's Thunder

The One with Too Many Giants

Walking through Waterdeep:

“Riding griffons is well better than riding vultures! I wish we could keep them.”

leaves rustling “It smells better, too.”

“Them bracers are pretty nice, innit? What kind of mug trades this for a magic rope? Strange things happen in cities.”

“They’ll help you fight giants?”

“Not if we run into a bloody ship full of them again! I never knew there was so many giants. Lucky that griffon woman was paying attention. I wonder if anyone is left in Firespear.”

“I felt bad leaving them. Do you think we’ll find that man everyone is looking for?”

“Artimus Cinder? I hope so. If the giants find him first…well, it won’t be good for no one. I wonder if we should use this ring? Maybe the bloke it calls knows something.”

clank, clank, whirrrrr, clank “Bark! Bark!”

“Remind me not to wind him up in cities no more. He barks at everything.”


I love this post! What was the wind-up dogs name again?

The One with Too Many Giants
KenB meredith_emigh

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