Storm King's Thunder

To: Urlam Stockspool of the Triboar Travelers Caravan Company

They love to garden

Hello Urlam I figured that I would write to you about a few things since we left Triboar. We all know that knowledge is power and it is nice to have a friend who can keep people networked properly. I don’t know you might know someone I met named Shalvus from Brightwater. Great guy helped to fight giants, he really is an up and comer.

Speaking of giants are getting out of control they are popping up everywhere taking, hunting, killing and just being a problem in general. Just look at what happened in Triboar attacked my giants with orc assistance. Then we check out the woods just outside of Triboar and we find that Ogre-Magi or Oni, were hunting killing and eating the rangers and druids that would camp there in order to hear the voice of some ranger god. I’m no ranger and I have no memory for that kind of thing, book learning who needs it. My worry is that with the giants out of control because of the “ordning” the smaller ‘giant” races are also out to do whatever they want. No checks and balances on any giant in general.

But I guess not only the giants are out of control. We ran across a set of brothers who were all trying to kill each other off for a bigger part of their inheritance. We caught the last brother red handed in his murder of his brother and paid us well to not turn him in. But the joke was on him. In the end one of my traveling companions Lia used her hush money to have the dead brother brought back from the dead. I then told him all about what had happened. If only I was not on this mission I saw an easy opportunity to get hired in my normal pest control position. Life is so much simpler when you don’t worry about the moral stuff. You are given a target and you deal with the target. No thinking, just doing. Maybe once we find out more about these giants I will have a simple target to deal with. I wonder what giants are allergic to, is there such a thing as giant-bane?

Oh here is another bit of interesting news. Frost giants are now down in the warm climates. My group and I encountered a group of them, we killed them, but that was not all. A group of Uthgardt barbarians was found slaughters with a group of frost giants I did not think that any of them should be this far south. The giants are trying to prove themselves to their giant god. There may be a way to make someone money off this if you have the right people in the right places, but I am not sure what that right place is. I am more of an exterminator then an idea guy.

So in other news my group has just gotten a new member. She is a fey-knight like you see back home in Evermeet (home sick a little). Sadly she is a summer girl, while I am more winter boy. All hail the Queen of Air and Darkness. She is also of the Emerald Enclave and we all know how much they love to garden. I have two other members of the Enclave that I am traveling with and they also love their gardens Lia and Binck. Lia was telling me how nice it is when you are able to kill off all the slugs in your garden. If the slugs are dead and any vermin like the slug are dead then thing get better. I hear this story and we now have a new member. I am not sure but I think they want to grow fresh tomatoes and lettuce from their gardens all over the sword coast. I will let you know how it tastes.

So don’t be afraid to let me know what is going on back in Triboar, and I will make sure you are kept in the loop.


KenB terryhardy0

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