Darz Helgar

Campground caretaker with a shady past


Darz Helgar lives in a cottage in the east corner of the North Caravan Campground. He is paid to keep the town’s campgrounds clean by remvoing the garbage and burying the excrement. Darz has also buried his shady past:

In his youth, Darz was a member of the Xanathar Thieve’ Guild in Waterdeep. After serving ten years in prison for his crimes, he cut all ties to the city and moved north to be a campground caretaker.

Ideal: “You can run from your past, but you can’t hide from it”
Bond: “I’ve made a new life in Triboar. I’m not gonna run away this time.”
Flaw: “I have no regrets. I do whatever it takes to survive”

Darz Helgar

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