Storm King's Thunder

A Bargain with a Cloud Giant?

To Kreed Grayson, Lord Commander of the Ghost Annihilators:
I was recruited along with a band of seasoned adventurers to assist a group called Acquisitions Incorporated (AI) to storm a cloud giant’s castle. But first we were tested and a bizarre test it was, we were ambushed by a group of thieves in an alley where we were supposed to meet our contact. We made short work of them, literally the shortest of our bunch fireballed them and killed all but one, who immediately surrendered.
Our contact appeared with a flourish and tried to enlist us into AI, I declined as my loyalties are already at odds being a tool of the Lords’ Alliance and also a proud member of the Ghost Annihilators. We struck a bargain and Seira, the small pyromaniac mentioned above, would become a sub-intern in their ranks and we would contract out to her. That was fair and met my quota for masters to report to. We were traveling with a flaming skull, he assured me he was not evil and so I believe I did not violate any of my oaths to the Ghost Annihilators, may Kreed Grayson strike me down if so.
We elected to take griffons to the cloud giant’s castle at once, not electing to take the HALFF maneuver our contact was pressing upon us. However, when we arrived the aerie we were supposed to land our griffons at was swarming with giant birds, eagles per the other members of the party. I should have mentioned to them how near sighted I am and slightly hard of hearing, growing up on the streets of Luskan I did not get the vitamins I needed to nurture healthy senses. Ah well, that is my burden to bear.
So yes, eagles, we elected to do our own HALFF maneuver without the AI tablet that they wanted us to use for this purpose. Seira feather falled us at the exact right moment and we came in with perfect stealth, that is until we started moving. People’s love of heavy armor, I’ll never understand it. All I need are my thin robes. Luckily the patrol that spotted us when a moving plant and the nature cleric, forgive me I forget his name, was able to befriend the odd creature and it went on its way.
We searched the castle and found the majordomo’s chambers. Inside we were able to find a secret mirror world entrance to her private office and discovered empty vials of poison. Later we found poisoned guards, the majordomo was obviously behind the poisoning. We also found a nice shield and staff for our fighter (oh bother – what was his name?) and the aforementioned nature cleric, respectively.
On to the next area and we discovered the lord’s chambers and his diary. He really does like small folk. Oh I forgot to mention we were looking for proof that his intentions with the small folk were truly for peace. We found that evidence. We went to meet with the lord and then chaos broke out, briefly.
We met the lord and he seemed quite excited to meet us, but his majordomo was trying to pin the poisoning on us. Luckily we convinced Olthanas (the lord) that Balakar (his evil majordomo) had truly been behind the poisoning. Balakar caused Olthanas’s choker to actually start choking him and summoned a white dragon to attack. I worked on freeing Olthanas with my crafty mage hand while the rest of the party dealt with the major threat of the dragon and majordomo. The dragon breathed cold on us, but my spells protected me. Seira and the sorceress (my I’m terrible at names!) fireballed and even used lightning to take out the two enemies while I freed the lord.
The white dragon turned out to be his pet, so we were able to save it for him. Olthanas was pleased with us and returned us to Neverwinter, successful in our mission. Hopefully this helps stop the giants from their slaughter throughout the lands.

Your Servant and Faithful Skeptic,

Quick Ben Altentross, Hedge Wizard

cc: SEER


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