Storm King's Thunder

A letter to Nalaskur Thaelond at the Bargewright Inn.

Rhydian’s gifts to all of his friends

  • Sent via Airship once we leave in our flying castle. I would have also given the Airship captain 100gp to drop off the letter.*__

Dear Brothers and Sisters I send news of our attempts to fix “The Orderning”. So far my cabal and I have been having some success in dealing with the giants. We now know that we can help fix it all by dealing with the Storm King of the Giants. To this end we had to face one of the Giant lords. We did the bidding of the giant’s oracle and now we have chosen to go after the richest of the giant lords, The Lady of cloud giants in her flying castle. The attack on the castle went without a hitch. Flying things don’t think to look up, they are busy looking down on everyone and it cost them. We attacked from above and with Shar’s blessing I cloaked my people in darkness so the guards did not see us, and I flew them in. Arrows from the shadows made short work of the watchmen and we had insertion. It was grand, silent and efficient it can be difficult working with matures, but the young elf girl Lia so skilled with a bow, I am sure I could make a real assassin out of her if she was to get away from all of the tree hugging. No really she hugs tress, and has a pet shrubbery. If she ever leaves the Emerald’s someone might try and recruit her, in about 110 years or so. But back to my point we were in the castle, and no one knew it. We found the high ladies bedroom, and we were attacked by her invisible servants. Sadly for them they could not see in the darkness, and once more Shar’s blessing protected me, and gave me to power to enact my revenge for their attacks upon me. I had to laugh at the irony that the invisible could not see their attacker as I stab them. This place is amazing and all of the masks this giant had collected. It was amazing and we had our plan set. We found her magic books and scrolls and our mage Milo realized that we could control the giant queen with a dominate monster scroll we discover. So we sat down to wait for her to return to her room, and from there the ambush would happen, and we would get control. But all great plans are perfect on paper.

As we got settled in we heard the roaring and screaming of torment. We went to look.
In the lower court yard we killed more of the watchmen, but one did scream out before its death. We were then attacked by griffins and giants and water elementals. Ok the water elemental did not attack until I attempted to hide in the swimming pool, so that might have been a minor mistake. But come on who would guess that the pool was dangerous. It was amazing thought. The mage Milo jumped into the water and sent the elemental to its home, and it never returned. WOW that was kind of cool. Now that the giants knew that we were in the courtyard with the pool, guards responded. We fought and killed all the guard, but one. It was a difficult fight and Anton had to heal us all many times to keep us going. But the Fay Knight Shayleigh and the Bink the smelly went toe to toe with the giants so I could do my work. Getting hit a giant is no fun, but getting stabbed by my dagger is also no fun. The last giant attempted to run, and in doing so called out to his mistress for help, it could not have gone better. She walks in like she owned the place (ha-ha) with only one giant as her back up. It was amazing Shayleigh went up and took it down in one shot. She hit the giant and it fell to the group crying. Then Anton and Milo cast the control monster spell and BANG, we own a flying castle.

So here is the gift part, well other than the knowledge that I am giving to the Zhetarim about what is happening to “The Orderning”. The gifts remember when I said we heard screaming and roaring, well that was from the Dragon Felgolos. He was trapped here as a prisoner, and sadly my cabal has released him. The good news is I have collected his blood, and scales that were in his cell, as well as the chains that bound him. I am not sure what our magic people can do with such stuff, but I have heard that it can be useful in scrying on someone or something. So a gift, just remember to tell out sisters and brothers that it came from me.

Rhydian Wicked-Tree of Evermeet

Rhydian would have asked that 500 gold worth of his treasure would be two of the masks from the collection rather than sell them. I would have given this letter with the masks to the Airship captain to deliver.

This letter is to our red dragon benefactor (Terry cannot remember the name)
Countess Sansuri is dead and here is her mask. She had masks that she would wear to show her mood and emotions. This is her mask that shows her surprise that she is now dead, and her mask to show her fear as we did it. I send these masks to you as a gift for the use of your Airship, and her loyal crew. I hope that you enjoy looking upon them as you think of her demise. It did not feel right not to send you these gifts after all the help you gave us by sending your Airship.

With Gratitude
Rhydian Wicked-Tree of Evermeet


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