Storm King's Thunder

Fire and the giant in the fairly tale castle

Hi Nighty,

I know, it has being a long time since I last wrote to you. This hero life is busy, I know.. me a hero, who would have thought? Anyway, our last adventure was amazing and I find myself thinking of how much you would like to hear about it… so here it goes..

Our journey started this time walking toward Lord Gavin house, which I may add: he does not seems to be too bright, or at least have a long list on his to do. He has kept a sword that he was suppose to destroy, one that, by the way, possessed him and yet he kept as a souvenir mounted on his walls. YES! I KNOW, RIGHT!?

Anyway, we got there to find part of the house on fire and some member of the Cult of the Dragon. I wanted to try to question them for any clues, after all I still haven’t being able to find anything that would give my friend, Laucian`s soul peace. But sadly I saw fire, the amazing waves and forms of it, the bright red and orange, the smell and sound of crispy wood as it sizzle to it.. I`m going away from the point, my friends and comrades in the group needed my help to put the fire out, hence I went toward the fire JUST TO HELP.

I`m not sure what happen, I believe they kill the members and then found the brilliant Lord inside a cage, as well as his Troll (humans…) no sure what happen, I was HELPING with the fire; but apparently his sword and some money was taken by some guy that were in the same castle that we needed to go.

And WHAT A CASTLE! we found the Giant that kill his son. We end up in front of a big door, no sure why giant think they are secure when they make such big holes belong the doors, we tiny ones, in this case Binck, with a little help of magic can just crawl in LOL.

Anyway, we found our self in an INVISIBLE room, what a VIEW. oh did I mention? this castle was FLYING!! The sighting moment was interrupted by the giant we needed to kill, I think we are getting too good at this, he died pretty fast.. I enjoyed it; and then Binck cut his head and tight it on his waist, and I ride it on the way down as I played with balls of fire. Some barbarians came, no sure why, they ran away.. shrugs.

A small group stay behind to fight us, in a very annoying way, he had this dark matter around him which made him difficult.. he eventually fall down, as everything that confront us do.. hi hi hi… we recover the sword, which whom? it? … anyway Shay talk with it and kept it, no sure if that`s good, it seems that some ritual prevent the sword now from possessing others..

Oh and then we fought a dragon! poor thing.. they say he was not, but I think he was a baby, he looked big, but what does not to us?

Fun? right? right?

Then we went back to mister smart, gave his money back; Shay kept the sword.

Until next time,

PS. I wish Binck took a shower, he otherwise is fun to hang out with. He let me ride on the giant head!


KenB chang

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