Storm King's Thunder

Putting an end to perverted undead love

Plan B was to let the face eating monster tear my eyes out

To: the Temple of Talos in Luskan

Ahoy Acolyte Stormwind,

I thought the temple might be interested in some disturbing events that I witnessed recently. I was near the town of Parnast working on the giant hunting business, when all the sudden me and my crew were surrounded by a ghostly fog that transported us to a realm called Barovia. The lord of the realm, Count Strahd, is obsessed with his brother’s former lover Tatiana. She is somehow cursed to repeatedly come back to life and die horribly before he can get his hands on her. Apparently Strahd made a bargain with a dark god at a place called the Amber Temple which didn’t give him quite what he wanted, but caused him to become a vampire. When we arrived we were told of a woman Esme who for some reason thought Strahd’s plan was a good idea. She tried to make a bargain with a dark god herself to become undead and look like the target of Strahd’s affection so she could get some kinky undead loving from him. While I support most perversions you can think of, this one goes to far. We had to kill her. We were able to find Esme with the help of a coven of witches who sacrificed some of their life essence to perform some sort of scrying ritual (apparently, they don’t know of decent scrying magic in their realm). We found Esme before she could complete her ritual, and were able to trap her spirit in a magic locket one of the witches gave us. Before I knew it we were transported by the ghostly fog back to Parnast.
I will try to bring the locket back to the temple for further study. I would recommend we send some clerics to Barovia to clear out the undead and what I can only guess is a curse that makes everyone crazy. However, I don’t know how we got there or how we got back. Maybe this was some magic of the giants to try to keep us away, but it wasn’t any magic I recognized. It also could’ve been that blue dragon who claims to be responsible for breaking the Ordening. I still don’t know why the Ordening was broken and who stands to benefit. I say we kill ’em all and let Talos sort them out.

may Talos guide you,
Anton Roberts


KenB ericmichealbrown

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